innovative solution – versatile application – electronic paper

discover Welliot

Innovative use
of electronic paper
Remote management
of public information content
Environmentally friendly and efficient
use of batteries

green stop with electronic paper technology

Welliot City

Current public
transport schedule
Arrival prediction
using GPS data
Eco-friendly solar
or battery power supply

modern way of conveying information to public administration

Welliot dib

Intuitive management
public information
Aesthetic and ecological
modern design
Minimal power consumption
with e-paper

Turning passion,
into the technology of the future

We create solutions that we would like to see in our cities and businesses to improve everyday life and solve problems in innovative and thoughtful ways.

Welliot devices and solutions for smart cities and demanding businesses through innovative e-paper technology.

Passenger information
What if the information at the stops was always up-to-date and more accurate.
Electronic timetables
Public transportation must meet the informational needs of passengers.
Automatic modification
Content controlled remotely and integrated with city systems.
Announcements and important content
An electronic bulletin board is a great tool to communicate with petitioners of public institutions.
Ecological and efficient
Devices that just need to be placed in the right place - no need to be plugged in.

Eco-friendly technologies

Innovative application

Brilliant case design

Weather resistant

GPS location and monitoring

Integration through APIs

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How does Welliot present itself in practice? Reports and multimedia appear on our official website and social channels. We invite you to read and contact the team.

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The genesis of the
Welliot Technology Portfolio

The idea of creating products using e-paper technology appeared in the team of Ediko Sp. z o.o. already in 2018, when the market related to printing technology was struggling with the growing fear of digitalization. Technological development is very much in the company’s DNA, so the Welliot project became a strategic direction.

We combine the Internet of Things (IoT) with the needs of our customers – thus creating Welliot.

Hardware development competences
Software development competencies
Adaptation to market needs

The first project was inspired by the needs of Warsaw public transport. Thanks to business cooperation with Warsaw Trams, we led to the creation of the concept and implementation at the stops of Warsaw, the first timetables equipped with electronic paper. This is the first commercial implementation of Welliot City screens – whose premiere took place during the International Railway Fair in Gdańsk – 2019.

We invite you to watch the coverage of this unique event on youtube channel or on our official blog.

The success of Welliot City confirmed us in the belief that the use of solutions with such economic energy consumption, is the future not only for cities (smart city), but also for companies and public institutions.

Our next product, the Welliot dib, is becoming more and more popular. It is an electronic information board that is ideal for public administrations to present important messages to the public. Welliot dib is dedicated not only to offices, schools and hospitals, but also for businesses that care about transparent and ecological information.
Energy savings
Low power consumption due to eco-powered batteries.
Resistance to conditions
Housing designed for harsh weather conditions.
Display size
Can be implemented on a screen up to 31.2 inches.
Content management
Full management of displayed content online or with a mobile app.

Welliot products

The product portfolio is constantly being expanded – so as to satisfy the most demanding customers and users. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of each product group and to contact us. We will be happy to tell you about and demonstrate our products in practice.

Welliot City

Passenger information board. Innovative design adapted to work in different weather conditions thanks to heating or cooling technology.

Welliot dib

Large electronic bulletin board for indoor use with remote management of displayed content.

Welliot Studio

CMS (Content Management System) class information system for managing and scheduling displayed content on Welliot technology screens.

Welliot Gateway

Dedicated gateway for securing M2M communications. A solution that works with Welliot Studio and most Welliot branded displays.

Welliot Hand Grip

Making another idea for public transport a reality. A holder for people standing in a bus or streetcar with dynamic content on e-paper.

Welliot ESL

Making another idea for public transport a reality. A holder for people standing in a bus or streetcar with dynamic content on e-paper.