large, easy to read and energy efficient e-paper bulletin board is the ideal solution for public institutions and business

welliot dib


Thanks to electronic paper technology, displaying content requires minimal energy.


With Welliot Studio's dedicated platform, you can easily plan what and when to display


Distinguish your message to residents, employees or supplicants on a clear screen


Choose from a variety of default templates to arrange your content on the screen.

innovative information board

How to make your office green and modern at the same time?

About the most popular Welliot products,
including the premiere of Welliot dib – tells Ewa Jankowska.

dedicated to
Smart City

We invite you to watch a report from Smart City Expo – during which Welliot dib had its premiere.

Information transmitted in a modern and ecological way is the future of public administration and business.

Reducing the use of paper content saves forests and the labor of people replacing outdated cards.
Power supply
Electronic paper does not glow! Without electricity, it still presents content, and only the moment of change generates energy consumption.
The most important information always in a visible place thanks to the integration with the API or the Welliot Studio system.
Interactive whiteboards quickly adapt to language preferences, which will be appreciated by international tourists
Modern, unusual and well thought-out design is a guarantee of quick adaptation in a strategic space.
Intelligent AI
With Welliot's embedded technologies, we are rapidly adopting solutions to support seniors and even the disabled.

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