innovative use of electronic paper to present
timetables for public transport

welliot city


Thanks to electronic paper technology, displaying content requires minimal energy.

Current data

Thanks to the integration with the Passenger Information System, the change of the content takes place remotely and automatically.


Passengers will learn about important traffic events already at the stop.


The most important information about the next vehicle arrival time - live with GPS technologies
epapierowy rozkład jazdy

innovative information board

personalize the variant for your city

please watch a short demonstration of the first version of the Welliot City board demonstrated by Adam Kaliszewski.

dedicated to
Smart City

Prediction with timetable. Visualization of the vehicle route. Important information for passengers. Illumination after dark. Resistance to harsh weather conditions. Anti-vandal mode. – These are just a few of the important mechanisms built into Welliot City.

A smart city is an ecological city. One that cares about its residents and the ergonomics of life for the entire community.

Reducing the use of paper timetables saves forests and human labour by replacing outdated sheets.
Power supply
Electronic paper does not glow! Without electricity, it still presents content, and only the moment of change generates energy consumption.
City, national, or international transportation. Every timetable will be up-to-date thanks to API integration.
Interactive whiteboards quickly adapt to language preferences, which will be appreciated by international tourists
Nowoczesny, nietuzinkowy i przemyślany design to gwarancja szybkiej adaptacji na przystanku lub innych strategicznych miejscach
Inteligentne AI
Dzięki technologiom wbudowanym w Welliot szybko adoptujemy rozwiązania wspierające seniorów, a nawet niepełnosprawnych.

E-paper dynamic passenger information for Smart City

It is a specially constructed passenger information board with two built-in e-paper screens, 13.3″ each. The board is dustproof and waterproof, it also has a system to alert the service center in case of damage (e.g. vandalism alert).

How does the e-paper timetable work?

Welliot city works in extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to +50°C. E-paper timetables with two 13.3″ screens can be updated via a central system or an external information source.

Welliot city with 12V DC power supply (direct current) can also use energy from twilight light (street lamps). The solution can also use solar panels placed e.g. on the roof of the bus stop, which will produce enough energy for the screens to change content throughout the night at a frequency of once per minute.

welliot city digitalization of public transport signs


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