Welliot Products

The product portfolio is constantly expanding – so as to satisfy the most demanding customers and users. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of each product group and to contact us. We will be happy to tell you about and demonstrate our products in practice.

Welliot City

Passenger information board. Innovative design adapted to work in different weather conditions thanks to heating or cooling technology.

Welliot dib

Large electronic bulletin board for indoor use with remote management of displayed content.

Welliot Studio

CMS (eng. Content Management System) class information system for management and planning of displayed content on Welliot technology screens.

Welliot Gateway

Dedicated gateway for securing M2M communications. A solution that works with Welliot Studio and most Welliot branded displays.

Welliot Hand Grip

Making another idea for public transport a reality. A holder for people standing in a bus or streetcar with dynamic content on e-paper.

Welliot ESL

The popular e-paper mini-screens are now available from Welliot. A wide range of ESL configurations means that it can be quickly adapted to store requirements.

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How does Welliot present itself in practice? Reports and multimedia appear on our official website and social channels. We invite you to read and contact the team.

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