Welliot ESLESL – Electronic Shelf Labels – from Welliot

25 February 20220

The Retail industry is growing rapidly at the moment. Technology simplifies the process of managing sales, the store, the people … so why not simplify price management. Welliot has a solution that brings us back into a space previously dominated by “paper” – electronic paper becomes very convenient.

The communication between the interactive price list and the person coordinating the price management in the store is based on a dedicated protocol. Thanks to the Welliot Gateway – all ESL labels learn about the need to make content changes. On the other hand, if Welliot Gateway is not used, a dedicated mobile app comes to the rescue and can change the content by transmitting it via NFC.

Dedicated to the retail industryWelliot ESL

Agile management of product price information
  1. Quick response to price changes
  2. Modern pro-consumer image of the chain/store
  3. Clear, eye-catching labels
  4. Long running time
  5. Convenient content management
  6. Consistent, elegant design
  7. Saves time and work
  8. Saves money
  9. Elimination of mistakes during price changes
  10. Easy installation and operation

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